Educational Toys Magnetic Rods Building Sticks And Balls Toy Factory

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Variety Magnetic Stick Toys & Magnetic Sticks Building Blocks Set 
This is a creative puzzle game for kids for boys and girls aged 3+

There are four benefits it can bring to children:

>Practice Ability
>Spatial Imagination Ability
>Logical Ability
>Safe & Enviromental Plastic ABS

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Educational Toys Magnetic Rods Building Sticks And Balls Toy Factory

Magnetic Building Sticks-Building Blocks Set-Magnet Educational Toys Magnetic Blocks Sticks Stacking Toys Set

Magnetic rods can attract each other through the interaction of magnetic fields. Use children's creativity and imagination to control magnetic bars and balls to create countless shapes and patterns, so that they will not feel bored

The magnetic bar has the characteristics of magnetism and can combine a variety of geometric patterns, which is very interesting and creative. This means that they are very attractive and can attract children to play over and over again.

Short stick, long stick, bent stick and steel ball, according to your personal needs.

Size of Rod: Long Rods is 58MM and Short Rods is 27MM
Size of Ball: D12MM
Quantity: By piece
Certifications: IATF16949,ISO14001,OHSAS18001,SGS, ROHS, CTI
Sample: Available
Delivery Time: According to quantity, usually 1-10 working days

Product Advantage

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The best gift for children! Learn in the game!

-It can make 2D and 3D shapes, such as stars, moon, fish and pyramids.

-You can use it to teach children some simple mathematical operations, such as 1 + 2 = 3

-This magnetic toy can also be used as brain training toy or intelligent learning toy

-Suitable for children and adults.

1. Train children's coordination ability

2. Improve children's intelligence

3. Cultivate children's emotion and stable emotion

4. Perfect teaching and learning tools for children and teachers

5. Stimulate children's imagination and creativity

6. Cultivate children's sense of touch, three-dimensional sense and sense of achievement

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