Famous Round Shape Super Strong Thin Neodymium Magnet

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1.Round Shape Rare Earth Neodymium Super Strong Magnetic NdFeB Magnet Fridge Door Acoustic Field Electronics 2022 Hot

2.Round Shape Rare Earth Neodymium Super Strong Magnetic NdFeB Magnet Fridge Crafts For Acoustic Field Electronics

3.Round Shape Rare Earth Neodymium Super Strong Magnetic NdFeB Magnet Neodymium Magnets Rare Earth Disc Fridge Crafts Magnet

4.Round Shape Rare Earth Neodymium Super Strong Magnetic NdFeB Magnet


Made of high quality material, strong magnetism and durable. Round shape design, hard texture with stable performance. Perfect for sticking notes on fridge doors.
if you could not find what you want , please just leave us a message or email us.We are professional magnetic material supplier. We have more than one hundred different sizes magnets in stock. We also could produce as per your design for bulk quantity.

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Famous Round Shape Super Strong Thin Neodymium Magnet Factory

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20 years of professional production | professional processing | complete variety

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Advanced production equipment and 20 years of production experience can effectively help you customize various shapes! Special shaped magnet (triangle, bread, trapezoid, etc.) also can be customized!

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Hesheng magnet group it's mainly engaged in high-performance sintered NdFeB, samarium cobalt and other rare earth permanent magnets and magnetic tool products. The products are mainly used in the fields of communication, digital imaging equipment, automotive electronics, green lighting, aerospace, new energy and computers. 

1) Perfect detection means
2) Strong R & D capability
3) Unique magnetic design
It mainly deals in general performance magnets, high-performance magnets, high-temperature magnets, conventional strip, square, ring and disc cylindrical magnets, perforated magnets, and various special-shaped magnets.


Processing and Production Equipment

Our factory has strong technical force and advanced and efficient processing and production equipment.


Quality Inspection Equipment

Excellent quality testing equipment to ensure product quality


Complete Certificates


Note: Space is limited, please contact us to confirm other certificates.
At the same time, our company can carry out certification for one or more certificates according to your requirements. Please contact us for details

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30 Years Permanent Magnet Manufacturer--HESHENG MAGNET GROUP

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1: Neodymium magnets are very powerful, please pay attention to your fingers or other body parts to avoid injury between the two large magnets

2: Neodymium magnets are very fragile and easy to damage, please handle with care. Powerful magnets are made of rare earths at high temperature, which cannot guarantee 100% perfection. Its small flaws will not affect its performance and use, and those who mind should buy with caution.

3: Strong magnets should be kept away from ironware and some iron products that are easy to magnetize, such as monitors, bank cards, computers, TVs and mobile phones

4: Prohibit contact and use by children under 8 years old, prevent children from swallowing 

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