Manufacturer Of Special Shaped Magnets Of Various Specifications And Shapes——Hesheng Permanent Magnet

Special shaped magnet, that is, unconventional magnet. At present, the more widely used special-shaped magnet is neodymium iron boron special-shaped strong magnet. There are few ferrites with different shapes and even less samarium cobalt. The main reason is that the magnetic force of ferrite magnetic material is not strong and the processing is difficult. Our company can provide all kinds of materials, specifications, performance (n35-n52), temperature resistant profiled magnet, wechat or telephone communication if necessary.

news02Nowadays, rare earth permanent magnets have been widely used in emerging industrial fields. At the same time, they are also replacing ordinary magnets in traditional industrial fields. Especially NdFeB magnets are widely used in electronics, machinery, computers, communication equipment, chemistry, biology, medicine, aerospace, aviation, military and other high-tech fields because of their excellent performance.

news03With the development of science and technology, we believe that the application range of rare earth permanent magnet will be more and more extensive. Through continuous investment in R & D force and advanced production equipment, after 30 years of development, Hesheng has gradually become one of the leaders in the permanent magnet manufacturing industry. Especially in the field of Nd-Fe-B production, the company has first-class production equipment, advanced production technology and perfect system guarantee. Our products have high performance, high processing difficulty and high stability that cannot be surpassed by peers. At the same time, Hesheng has controlled or participated in several permanent magnet manufacturing enterprises. Its products have covered Nd-Fe-B, ferrite, samarium cobalt, rubber magnet and other permanent magnets.
In addition, advanced equipment technology and unique raw material formula make our product consistency and stability always in the forefront of our peers. We will strive to develop and provide customers with higher quality and more affordable products.
The business philosophy of Hesheng Magnet Group is to establish the world with quality and seek development with reputation. Explore and innovate, forge ahead!

Post time: Feb-26-2022