China 20mm X 6mm X 2mm Magnet Super Strong Neodymium Magnet Manufacturer

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【China Top Magnets Manufacturer & Supplier】

Model: Permanent Block Poweful NdFeB Magnet

Processing Service: Cutting, Punching, Moulding

Shape: Block, Ring,Cylinder,Block,Arc,etc.

Coating: Nickel, Zinc, Epoxy, etc.

Material Grade: N35-N52,Customized

Application: Industrial Magnet, Electronics 20x6x2 magnet

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China 20mm X 6mm X 2mm Magnet Super Strong Neodymium Magnet Manufacturer

High Power Neodymium Magnets − Bonded Ndfeb Magnets − Neodymium Super Magnets


Note: Magnetic block are brittle, this is the characteristic of neodymium iron boron. and can peel, crack or shatter if allowed to slam together. Eye protection should be worn when handling these magnets, because shattering magnets can launch pieces at great speeds. They also do not take kindly to machining for strong magnet.

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Advanced production equipment and 20 years of production experience can effectively help you customize various shapes! Special shaped magnet (triangle, bread, trapezoid, etc.) also can be customized!

Note:Please see the home page for more products. If you can't find them, please contact us!

>The Neodymium Magnet and Neodymium Magnetic Assembly we could produce


>Customized Block Shape Neodymium Magnet

Neodymium Magnets and Neodymium Magnetic assemblies are Customized. You can tell us the Size, Shape and Grade of the Magnet, we can help you produce in 7-15 days !!


>Magnetization Direction and Coating include





Coating includes Ni-Cu-Ni, Black Nickel, Zn, Sn,Au, Ag,Black Epoxy, Phosphated, Parylene, etc.

We support all the above magnet coatings. According to the requirements of product application environment and anti-corrosion performance, the most widely used coatings are: Zinc plating, Nickel plating, Black Epoxy, etc


We support customizing various magnetizing directions. If you provide magnet drawings in the first time, it will be helpful for us to quote for you. If you are new product R & D or do not know about magnets, please see our product details page or contact us, we will give you good help!


Our Company


Hesheng magnet group Advantage:

1) Magnets and Magnetic assemblies are Customized.
2) ISO/TS 16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 certified company, RoHS, REACH, SGS complied product.
3) Remarkable customers such as SIEMENS, BMW, REGAL BELOIT, NIDEC, ELECTROLUX, S&T Motiv.
4) Over 100 million magnets delivered to American, European, Asian and African countries.
5) One stop service from R&D to mass production

Processing and Production Equipment

Step : Raw Material→Cutting→Coating→Magnetizing→Inspection→Packaging

Our factory has strong technical force and advanced and efficient processing and production equipment to ensure that the bulk goods are consistent with the samples and to provide customers with guaranteed products.


Quality Inspection Equipment

Excellent quality testing equipment to ensure product quality


Complete Certificates


Note: Space is limited, please contact us to confirm other certificates.
At the same time, our company can carry out certification for one or more certificates according to your requirements. Please contact us for details

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