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Model:Single-side Fishing magnet

Key Words:Magnet fishing kit

Pull Force: 15 to 800kg/33 to 1800Lbs

Size:D25 to D136


Lead time:3 to 7 days

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Fishing Magnet

China 400 Lb Fishing Magnet − China Largest Fishing Magnet −400 Lb Rare Earth Magnet Manufacturer

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Product Name: Powerful Pulling Force Round Neodymium Fish Magnet
Product Materials: NdFeB Magnets + Steel plate + 304 stainless steel
Grade of Magnets: N35 to N52
Size of the products: D25 to D136
Working Temp.: <=80℃
Magnetic direction: Magnets are sunken in to a steel plate. The north pole is on the center of the magnetic face and the south pole is on the outer edge around it.
Vertical pull force: <=1000 LB
Testing method: The value of the magnetic pull force has some thing to do with the thickness of the steel plate and pull speed. Our testing value is based on the thickness of the steel plate =10mm, and pull speed = 80mm/min.) Thus, different application will have different result.
Application: Widely used in offices, schools, homes, warehouses and restaurants! This item is widely use for magnet fishing!
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Product Model

Advanced production equipment and 20 years of production experience can effectively help you customize various shapes! Special shaped magnet (triangle, bread, trapezoid, etc.) also can be customized!

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NdFeB magnet, the third generation of rare-earth permanent manget, is the most powerful and advanced permanent magnent today.Double sided neodymium magnet with the strongest N52 magnets.
Max Pull force:800kg.
The value of the magnetic pull force has a relation to the thickness of the steel plate and pull speed.Our testing value is based on the thickness of the steel plate.

Pot magnets with eyebolt are very versatile product for hanging most things, we can attach them to metal surface without marking, meanwhile we can easily remove the eyebolt, generally we can attract steel plates, hang pot plants, keys, hats, umbrellas, tools, lights and paintings etc., for larger size of pot magnets, the very important application is magnet fishing, you can create its application, then try it, you will get full of surprises. 

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Standard air or sea packing.

We can packing items by your requirements.
We support logo, packing, pattern customization service.
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