30 Years Magnet Wholesale Thick Rubber Magnet Roll Sheet

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30 Years Manufacturer

Customization Shape,Size, Color, Pattern… Strong Magnetic Force


Thickness 0.3mm 0.4mm 0.5mm 0.7mm 0.76mm 1.5mm
Width 310mm,620mm,1m,1.2m,etc...
Length 10m,15m,30m,etc...
Surface Treatment Plain tablets,Matte/Bright,White PVC,Color PVC,Weak solvent PP Membrane,Printing paper,Double faced adhesive

Wholesale Thick Rubber Magnet Roll Sheet

1)Rubber Magnet Magnetic Properties


Physical Property
Operating temperature: - 26°C to 80℃
Hardness: 30-45
Density: 3.6-3.7
Tensile strength: 25-35
Elongation at break and flexural properties: 20-50
Environmental protection: environmental protection of raw materials, in line with EN71, RoHS and ASTM, etc

Product Details

1)Rubber magnet for automobile sticker

30-years-magnet-wholesale-thick-rubber-magnet-roll-sheet09The magnetic glue magnetizing surface uses the excellent PP film to replace the UV oil. When used on the vehicle body, the anti adhesion effect is better and the weather resistance is stronger. The printing surface is made of excellent PVC material, which is suitable for solvent or weak solvent ink digital inkjet printing, or UV ink screen printing. The width can reach 1m.

2)Rubber magnet + double-sided adhesive


The non-magnetic surface of the rubber magnet can be mounted with various double-sided adhesive tapes, such as water-based adhesive, oil-based adhesive, rubber type adhesive and foam adhesive, so that you can stick any object to the rubber magnet as needed, and then adsorb it to the iron surfaces such as refrigerators and filing cabinets. Please tell us the objects that need to be glued (such as paper, plastic, metal and wood) and the use environment (such as indoor or outdoor, normal temperature, high temperature or low temperature), and we will recommend suitable double-sided adhesive for you.

Product Advantages

1. Compare Materials

The rubber magnet is made of industrial environmental protection ferrite magnetic powder and synthetic rubber. It has the excellent characteristics of strong flexibility, bending and folding without damaging magnetism.


2. Easy to use
It has strong plasticity. It can be punched or cut into various complex shapes with ordinary scissors or art tools. It is convenient and practical. It is the material for DIY.

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Why Choose Us

30 Years Magnet Manufacturer--Hesheng MAGNET

1. Annual output of NdFeB Magnet has been more than 5000 tons
2. More than 60000m2 workshop
3. More than 500 employees
4. More than 50 engineers
5. Welcome to visit our factory

1)Complete industrial chain
Independent production from raw materials to finished products We have mastered all NdFeB production equipment and technology, and has a number of patents


2)Excellent sales team
Excellent sales team, one to one service
7 * 12 hours online service
Reply within 8 hours at night or on holidays


We have independent patents and intellectual property rights, and have passed a number of international authoritative certifications, such as IATF16949 (ISO9001), ISO14001, ROHS, REACH, EN71, CE, CP65, CPSIA, ASTM, etc..
We are the only factory capable of passing CHCC certification!


Global Supply
Door to door delivery
Trade term: DDP, DDU, CIF, FOB, EXW, etc..
Channel: Air, express, sea, train, truck, etc..

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